Saturday, November 26, 2005


it's good to be bored.

and home in michigan for a bit, although i'm half trying to forget that i'll be leaving tomorrow and placing my shattered faith on northwest airlines to get me home at a decent time without losing my luggage.

it'll be nice to get back though. it's really quiet here and i'm starting to get motivated to get through the next four (full) weeks of school hell so i can relax for a week over christmas. the rockefeller tree is getting lit on wednesday night, i get to start s h o p p i n g for christmas presents (with the retro pay and my new raise from the teacher's contract!!) for everyone, and i can hang out with jd, renee, and everyone else. i miss the kitty too.

it's snowing in mich and i think i'm going to get in some fun michigan winter driving and go take some pictures so i can look at them when it's raining and 40 degrees for another month in nyc. claire wants to go to the EL today also, and i'm on a hunt to get a phone charger so i can actually call my friends back and see them before i leave.

the purpose of this lovely blog thing (in addition to many other things) is to be a catharsis so i don't have to spend money on copay for a therapist or jump off the roof of my school. it's T minus 7 months until i can stop paying for my mistakes (in the form of an insane job and a shitty apt) of being naive when moving here, so i'm gonna need all the help i can get!

have a good holiday weekend...


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