Wednesday, November 30, 2005

i need...

a haircut.

a vacation.

a large and spontaneously appearing amount of money.

since none of those will be happening any time soon, i guess it's off to the gym to turn my ipod up so i can't hear the weird hispanic techno and reggaeton and workout. then i'm home to work on lesson plans for me and my substitute tomorrow, since i'll be out observing another music class most of the day (thank god!!!).

i'm so sick of walking into work every day to get bombarded by 500 fucking ridiculous emergencies/problems/issues/etc. today i get in and find out that i missed a meeting, which SUCKS and i can't wait to get yelled at for it, i find out that my entire weekend will be ruined because grades are due monday morning, and i have to be out of school on monday ALSO because my principal wants me to go to an all-day workshop about standards of DANCE teaching. i so don't dance. and i'm sick of having to move my life around and reschedule a ton of things in my classes because i have worthless bullshit to attend.

i'll just keep repeating it... 7 months to a new apartment and a new job...


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