Sunday, November 27, 2005

back to the frantic

because i just LOVE waking up at 6am, i've been up packing and getting everything together to go back to my other home. someday i'll learn how to sleep in again... probably not until july though.

it feels like the holidays here, but i'm anticipating the stress, rain, and craziness that'll wipe that feeling away as soon as i step off the plane. i feel like things would be so much easier in michigan... i could have a nice place to live (for cheap), have a better job, and have time for myself. but then i remember how i felt before i moved to new york, and i think of all of the good things that keep me there. if i can just survive through these next months, i will be able to have more control over where i live, what i do, and how happy i am there. it just sucks to be dealing with all of the shit that's on my shoulders right now. hopefully i'll gain some sort of a sense of humor about it and i'll be ok.

taking some christmas piano books home to renee and i so we can rock out on the keyboard to keep ourselves sane when we get home from work and it's not a sex in the city night.

it'll be good to see the boy and the cat... the two beings that keep me going.

wish me luck at the airport, and hopefully i'll get in on time without too much hassle. i don't ever want to go thru the ordeal jd and i had getting back from chicago a couple months ago. not fun. i hate united airlines and o'hare. i need to have time to relax (and sleep) before i jump straight back into the job.

ok, done bitching. have a good day...


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