Saturday, December 03, 2005

it's saturday

this is why i'm glad no wildlife (besides rats and pigeons i suppose) hang out in the city:


it's saturday. i thought i'd go to the gym, but now i've gotten lazy and i just want to take a shower and go out and do nothing. maybe i'll do some christmas shopping. i don't know. it's just nice not to have an agenda for ONE day a week. tomorrow is grades... uck.

Thursday, December 01, 2005

welcome to december

i can't believe it's been a year since this.

Wednesday, November 30, 2005


sorry i bitched earlier. it happens i guess.

i need...

a haircut.

a vacation.

a large and spontaneously appearing amount of money.

since none of those will be happening any time soon, i guess it's off to the gym to turn my ipod up so i can't hear the weird hispanic techno and reggaeton and workout. then i'm home to work on lesson plans for me and my substitute tomorrow, since i'll be out observing another music class most of the day (thank god!!!).

i'm so sick of walking into work every day to get bombarded by 500 fucking ridiculous emergencies/problems/issues/etc. today i get in and find out that i missed a meeting, which SUCKS and i can't wait to get yelled at for it, i find out that my entire weekend will be ruined because grades are due monday morning, and i have to be out of school on monday ALSO because my principal wants me to go to an all-day workshop about standards of DANCE teaching. i so don't dance. and i'm sick of having to move my life around and reschedule a ton of things in my classes because i have worthless bullshit to attend.

i'll just keep repeating it... 7 months to a new apartment and a new job...

Monday, November 28, 2005

could this have been an actual good day at school?

it's pretty amazing that 1) i was able to rehearse all three of my bands without too much drama, and 2) BOTH... yes both of my choirs sang today and are starting to come around. this doesn't seem like a big deal to most people, but to get through a day without someone telling me to fuck off (among other things) for making them sit up, play an instrument, and work in a team (and not chew gum while playing a damn trumpet! ahhhh!) is golden. my principal even came in today and sat in for about 10 minutes. my students didn't act too much differently (not too much respect for authority in my school- most kids there don't have parents that set rules or exert any sort of control over their children), but they were engaged and all that wonderful educational bullshit, and she (principal) told me that i was AMAZING while she walked out. that was cool. i'm starting from scratch with this music program and it's so hard.

now my next issue to tackle in my boring life is getting my ass to the gym after school. the thing that's been keeping me from doing that is exhaustion from the day, not to mention the fact that i have no good shoes to wear to work and walk in (only heels, which do NOT bode well with my 1.5 mile hike to and from work) so my feet hurt ridiculously bad when i get home. i need to go though. nothing i own fits me and i hate that i want to take a nap as soon as i make it up 4 flights of stairs to my apt all the time.

so i guess it's time for me to burn some cds for school. oh the fun. and maybe i'll have the energy to stay up past 10pm for once.

here's a picture of richmond i took while home... i'm glad to be back in brooklyn, but i miss the quiet and the non-pavement (otherwise known as nature i suppose).

Sunday, November 27, 2005

back to the frantic

because i just LOVE waking up at 6am, i've been up packing and getting everything together to go back to my other home. someday i'll learn how to sleep in again... probably not until july though.

it feels like the holidays here, but i'm anticipating the stress, rain, and craziness that'll wipe that feeling away as soon as i step off the plane. i feel like things would be so much easier in michigan... i could have a nice place to live (for cheap), have a better job, and have time for myself. but then i remember how i felt before i moved to new york, and i think of all of the good things that keep me there. if i can just survive through these next months, i will be able to have more control over where i live, what i do, and how happy i am there. it just sucks to be dealing with all of the shit that's on my shoulders right now. hopefully i'll gain some sort of a sense of humor about it and i'll be ok.

taking some christmas piano books home to renee and i so we can rock out on the keyboard to keep ourselves sane when we get home from work and it's not a sex in the city night.

it'll be good to see the boy and the cat... the two beings that keep me going.

wish me luck at the airport, and hopefully i'll get in on time without too much hassle. i don't ever want to go thru the ordeal jd and i had getting back from chicago a couple months ago. not fun. i hate united airlines and o'hare. i need to have time to relax (and sleep) before i jump straight back into the job.

ok, done bitching. have a good day...

Saturday, November 26, 2005


it's good to be bored.

and home in michigan for a bit, although i'm half trying to forget that i'll be leaving tomorrow and placing my shattered faith on northwest airlines to get me home at a decent time without losing my luggage.

it'll be nice to get back though. it's really quiet here and i'm starting to get motivated to get through the next four (full) weeks of school hell so i can relax for a week over christmas. the rockefeller tree is getting lit on wednesday night, i get to start s h o p p i n g for christmas presents (with the retro pay and my new raise from the teacher's contract!!) for everyone, and i can hang out with jd, renee, and everyone else. i miss the kitty too.

it's snowing in mich and i think i'm going to get in some fun michigan winter driving and go take some pictures so i can look at them when it's raining and 40 degrees for another month in nyc. claire wants to go to the EL today also, and i'm on a hunt to get a phone charger so i can actually call my friends back and see them before i leave.

the purpose of this lovely blog thing (in addition to many other things) is to be a catharsis so i don't have to spend money on copay for a therapist or jump off the roof of my school. it's T minus 7 months until i can stop paying for my mistakes (in the form of an insane job and a shitty apt) of being naive when moving here, so i'm gonna need all the help i can get!

have a good holiday weekend...